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24 August 2011

Welcome to my world..
A little of who I am.
This is why I love life.....

And a few of me... 

05 August 2011

Sooo I've been terrible for keeping up to date with my blog (terrible considering I have only just set it up!!)
Anyway I was lucky enough to attend the super duper fun Forever 21 launch party in The old sorting office London. (with great thanks to the lovely Sandra from 5inch and up blog, for making me her +1) Celebrating in style the opening of their new store on
London's Oxford Street.
I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at the organising of the event.
Enjoying nosh from the meat wagon,
Prosecco cocktails, Limited Edition Diet Coke Collection by Karl Lagerfeld. A giant carousel, teepee bars, and of course a 3D hologram fashion show, which was AAAAAAA mazing!! More highlights for me was circus preformers, such as hula hoop girls and dancing rollerskaters.
The delightful, little bundle of fun Bip Ling was doing her thing on the decks. And we also enjoyed a rather long wait for the popular WAH nails, getting these done seemed a very buzzing treat, so I had to join the club! :)

So needless to it was a fun filled, amazingly entertaining night!
I have to apologise for the poor quality pictures as all I had with me was my phone to capture the event :(
Enjoy my sweets xx

 Me getting my Wah nails done. Photo certeousy of 5inch and up :)

A little look at F21 hologram fashion show