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25 June 2012

Black Slip...

Topshop boutique is always full of the most exciting, fresh and directional pieces of each season, brought from the catwalks and collaborating with new, fashion forward, up coming designers. 
A little out of my price range but now and then a girl deserves a treat right?
I have here a simple but versatile black boutique slip.
This was another working day at the head quarters of Topshop so I felt the need for a cardigan... you never quite know in there, sometimes it's like one massive sauna room and others you appear to be rummaging the cupboards for layers.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends! I wish I was one fortunate enough to say I've scheduled this post whilst I'm away at Isle of White festival, or Hakney R1 weekend! 
But no I'm one of those unfortunate enough to have been stuck working to earn the keep :)

If you have been to any festivals over the weekend Tweet Me and tell me how it rolled...


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