"A feeling of appreciation for the past or something related to the past. It does not necessarily include a longing or yearning to return to the past, but instead simply an appreciation for it"
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23 July 2012


Couldn't let the weekend go by without sharing this new find with you sugars!
This is the work of Rima Hyena. Dark yet romantic, beautiful jewellry, this is a Nostalgic Feather dream.... in fact believe it or not only the other night I went to bed dozing off to the thought of my desire to find a vintage horn/tusk necklace, I imagined my perfect choice in my head to look old and beaten, on a chunky silver/rusty feel chain.
Is it coincidence I then came across Rima Hyena ??

I'm queasy over this new admiration. The most epic fur, chains, antlers, feathers, horns, crystal orientated jewellry and headdresses I have came across in a while, this is a howlin' wolves paradise. 

Let me know your thoughts....

Hope you have all been enjoying your weekends and spreading the sunshine smiles!!

Until next time...


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