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15 September 2012

Tallow connection...

Drives me insane when I can connect this much with images like these, knowing I had no involvement in them what so ever...

This is the new shoot from Tallow of their next range. What a raw and powerful result.
Shot in Africa, can't you just feel the connection of the spirit and earth?

Show me nature, rawness, earth and energy mixed in with gritty fashion and a seductive model and I'm completely taken in!

Take me to Africa....

See the collection Here

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08 September 2012

Vogue's Fashion Night Out...

Last night I hit the streets of London for the retail extravaganza that is Vogue's Fashion Night Out.
The streets and stores were buzzing, free booze was flying, the atmosphere was great, it's a pretty god damn good job my bank stopped allowing me money yesterday or it could have been MEGA dangerous!! ;)

Topshops flagship store entertained a live performance from Delilah and shoppers were fixed up with make overs. 
We strolled the stores down Regent Street, including COS, Anthropologie, Micheal Kors... Ok I wont go on.
I was terrible and got so into mingling and sipping on champagne that I distracted myself away from taking pictures, so I have to apologise for this poor attempt but still something to share with you.

Fashion Funness!

If you joined in on the night too be sure to let me know what you got up to....


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03 September 2012

Hidden Gems...

New bedroom feature!

Not the most exciting post but given I took these pictures and having been told to "keep posting" I thought I might as well share this 'outing' post with you.
So... I've been wanting to snoop around Brick Lane, London for too long now, the main reason I've been itching to go was actually after I was informed I'd be able to purchase some antlers/potentially rams head as I am massively craving for room deco to hang a few of my treasured jewels.

Anyway now I have my sibling down London with me we pondered around there and Spitalfields, having a gander at the markets/vintage clothing and also AMAZING dogs! ( there was some kind of dog show on at Spitalfields!?) My antlers/rams head where nowhere to be found but I did pick me up this lovely cuff and this awesome tee!!

If any of you do know of where I can get my hands on some then post post post!!