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05 January 2013

Double Split...

Double Split Maxi Dress: Nasty Gal
Leather: Topshop
Phoenix Spike Ring: Spell & The Gypsy
(Cross illustration Nail Art was a Christmas present and is a kit called Mo YOU)

Happy New Year Y'all!! 
2012 was quite a mixed year for me, lot's of ups and downs and I'm still fighting for a secure paid job in London within fashion. However, I am in a very positive place mentally, even though I am going through some massive financial struggles I have no doubt things are going to happen for me. 
I have a lot planned for 2013, lot's of exciting things. Really going to make this year my year! I've shedded my old skin and I'm making things happen now.

Sorry this post doesn't have the most exhilarating imagery these were just iPhone snaps on NYE
Me and my Ozzy mate Chloe worked till 7pm in Shoreditch then quickly freshened up and hit a bar in London to celebrate the New Year. 
Pretty gutted I only seen the fireworks on the TV even though I'm in the City, but plenty more years for that!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year
I'm sorry again for being a ridiculously infrequent blogger!  
Thank you for always popping in to read my blog non the less

Much Love 


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  1. This dress is too cool. Happy new year to you.. smash 2013 to bits!

  2. Aww thanks Sarah, Happy New year darl! YOU TOO XX 2013 XX