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17 February 2013

New York Fashion Week Top Picks...

3.1 Phillip Lim. Fall 2013

Pierre Balmain. Fall 2013

Helmut Lang. Fall 2013

Mara Hoffman. Fall 2013
Photo's via Style.com

Now that London fashion week has well and truly hit it off with it's first day yesterday, I thought I'd give you some of my personal top favorites from NY Fashion Week.

With black and leather being a very noticeable trend coming through, throughout Fashion Week, that puts me at a very comfortable and pleasurable viewing.

3.1 Phillip Lim and those horizontal striped trousers have got me frothing at the mouth! Could they be anymore perfect?!
The biker inspiration was a true delight to my eyes.

Pierre Balmain showed us plenty of leather... again, always going to draw me in.
What I particularly liked about this collection was the over-sized leather pieces, sophisticated touch on fringing and that middle outfit with a sheer black blouse tucked into casual wide legged trousers is right up my street. I would wear this on a night out every time if I could.

Helmut Lang and their exceptional layering included some geometric patterns, lots of leather - including a nice hint of leather waistbands, silks, plenty of cozy layering options.
The sharp stovepipe  trousers are top on my 'Must Have' list, just a shame I can not fund them, I love a perfect, smart looking pair of trousers to add into my wardrobe and style up my way.

Mara Hoffman, Oh Mara Mara Mara. I was waiting with anticipation for this one, as a lover of Mara Hoffman's I knew she would stay true to herself and her business, and didn't she just. Those prints, as always where stunning. I particularly loved the bursts of colour of print on the black sheer garments.
Her fabric just flowed down that catwalk heavenly. 

It is always such a manic time but such an exciting, inspiring time too. 
Embrace FW.

What were some of your favorite shows? And what are you looking forward to seeing in London?


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