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30 November 2011

Soft surroundings of Norway...

Having been struggling to find the time to post recently due to working on my Final Major Project at College, in between my job.... I am pleasantly surprised that I have managed to put together, not one.... but two posts tonight :)
Better make the most of this opportunity due to how ridiculously busy I'm going to be next month, having my FMP as well as job AND as well as work experience with Topshop at their head office!! So stocked about this though! Can not wait!!

Anyway I've been a fan of Norwegian jewelry designers Nina Einarsen and Iselin Strømsvåg for some time now. The designer duo work together to create beautiful pieces at
You must check them out, they have a s/s 2012 collection coming up at

Inspired by the glorious nature of Norway and combining soft with the hard with the use of materials such as silver, stone, swarovskicrystals, feathers, wood, horn, and leather.

Not two of the same are a like as each piece is uniquely hand made..... Ooh they are so up my alley.... are they yours too??

Here's a little sneak peak of their up coming collection..... 

Click the "where to buy" tab to find the easiest way to get a hold of these stunning pieces
Keep updated here to see my future purchases :)