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My Top 5 Products For Glowing Skin

  If you knew me in my younger years, you'll know how much I struggled with my skin. From the ages of about 11 - probably late 20's I struggled with acne, breakouts and oily skin. I tried everything. All the pills and lotions the Dr will give, I was on Roaccutine twice, I changed my diet etc etc. Maybe I'll save that whole story for another time. Although I do not have anywhere near "perfect" skin and still get frequent breakouts (even in my mid 30's) I am much more happier with my skin now. I do also now see my skin changing as I get older of course, so I am even more keen to keep my skin health in tip top shape. It's strange to me especially after all that, that I often get compliments on how my skin is "glowing". There are certain skin rituals and products that I swear by and I'm going to share these with you now. Before we get going I just want to put out a little disclaimer to mention of course I am in no way a professional and I have no

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