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Tropical Boutique Hotel | The Slow, Bali

CANGGU, BALI  When I was sitting here in the UK, September last year, 2019 I was on  The Slow  site thinking to myself, "I have to stay here" It was my treat to myself.... ok, even though booking a one way ticket to Bali in itself was one big self loving treat.  I booked a two night stay at The Slow for what was supposed to be towards the end of my trip (what I thought in my head, turns out I stayed even longer) When the time came around to my nights stay here I was so looking forward to it, but I have to say, the stay and experience itself was way more impressive and valuable to me than I had ever imagined. The Slow is located between the green rice paddies and the beach.  There is a balance of modern and traditional Indonesian elements to the design and the materials used at The Slow. Charming guests with a  modern lifestyle concept and “Tropical Brutalist” aesthetic and design. There are two suites - The Grand Suites and Pool Suites. Both incredibly spacious and airy. Feat

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