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17 December 2012

Oh so pretty...

I guess it seems I am still slacking with my blogging. Although as a heavy blog reader myself I've noticed I am not the only one! It's seems there is a breed of us who have more irregular than regular posting... makes me feel a tad better.
However. So I am unable to share any outfit posts with you anymore, for the time being at least, mainly because I am so financially unstable at the moment that I wouldn't dare show you lovely lot how I am walking around the streets these days!! Also I now refuse to post up pictures of my outfits taken from my iphone by my back fence. It just doesn't give the detail I want.

So on with the post. What I can still share with you is my love of style and even when so poor you never loose your personal view and taste.
So here is some pieces that melt my eyes and heart that I would be shipping over had I the dosh!!





19 November 2012

Dusky Rock...

A little of what I'm ogling over - Dusky nights, gold & silver embellishment's, fringing, leather, all in a laid back rockin' kinda way!!

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10 November 2012


This is like taking a step by in time as this is my final major project I was working on towards the end of my studies which I completed in may.
This was shown and graded digitally, so until now I never had any printed copies. Sorry for the bad image quality but I thought, given why I started this blog in the first place, that this might be nice to share.
So, let me run through this.

The brief was our own to write. We literally had to write our own brief and stick to it. Though a lot of us in the course kept finding ourselves wishing for this throughout other projects, when this moment came, we were all taken aback by this. Ultimate creative freedom!
Started off a little overwhelming but once we broke it all down it became very exciting.

So my concept was to produce my own collective brand.
The key objectives were to take three up and coming designers and promote them in a way that excited, interested and endeared viewers by the use of digital media.
Using three chosen individual designers as a collective, branding them under one overall brand identity (which I created and developed)

I carefully selected three creative brands, after a lot of research! 
Choosing Holly Fulton (because I love her), David Koma (because I love him) and an independent jewellery  brand CULIETTA (because I love my gems!)
I created a brand image to promote through. The main words that stuck in my mind throughout this project were - Fresh, eclectic and unique.

I created a design and style for my brand that stood as my logo that ran through consistently, complimenting each individual designer.

I had my campaign strategy, I knew my target market and I presented everything professionally through my digital journals.
My work was mainly imagery based, probably pushed from my love of visual communication.

For my press material I designed and created this box, bracelet and a mini business card/press invite.
What you see here is the finished final journal, it was based a lot around suggestiveness, in that it wasn't created to have every page filled with crystal clear designs, imagery or message but to suggest.

My other digital journal has ALL my back up work in, so is filled with research, designs, concepts, thoughts/opinions and my next goal.

If I knew how to put it all online I would.
I know that personally, when I was a student and working through my projects I enjoyed seeking out other students work and ideas so if any of you are students and what to see more or know more please do get in touch.

Hope this was worth a read!


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14 October 2012

Living like a Parisian...

Thought it was well over due.
So, here is some snaps from my memorizing trip to Paris.
I took myself to Paris over Paris Fashion Week period. This was my first time visiting Paris and after all I've heard about the stunning city and the load of people I know have been and responses are 'I Love Paris', I was eager to go and explore the much loved city.
I'm lucky enough to have two friends who live in Paris so not only did that take away a lot of stress off things like finding somewhere to stay and erm.. being typically English and not speaking the best French! But besides taking me to the obvious, popular tourists spots (Which are beyond words of incredibleness!!!) they took me to places I would never have know about or found, but they knew I would love.

I had an incredible time, now touching up on my french I can safely say I will be spending a lot more of my time over there. 
I have way more pictures, it's ridiculously hard trying to find a minimum amount to post on my blog but if you follow me on instagram you will have seen them all! And probably getting sick of them!!

As I was saying about my friends taking me to places they knew I would love....

So they clearly know me and my style all too well. 
I got a lovely surprise as I was taken to a shop that I was going to apparently fall in love with.
I walked with anticipation, curious to see what I was going to find in this store.

And OH GOLLY GOSH! Did my friends deliver!! 

I was taken to a shop, that is now my favorite brand.

Here is a preview, I'm too emotional about how much I love it to give it an introduction but go to their site and YOU WILL SEE...

Another favorite find PLEASE SEE BELOW!!!!!

What did I buy??

Silver sweetest shark tooth simpleness necklace 
And a feather headdress style ring <3

Drooling... it was hard to come out with only two items, I actually stopped myself from looking around completely as I was getting too overwhelmed with how much I wanted to own. So I still haven't seen their full collection.

If you want anymore information on my trip to Paris please get in touch.

Here is a couple 'outfit' pictures to finish this extra long post off...

Happy Weekend lovelies...

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