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31 July 2012

One door closes... another one opens...

Today I wore:
Topshop studded denim shirt
Topshop black waxed shorts with leather waist detail
Urban Outfitters belt
Fashionology cross necklace
Vanessa Mooney Longhorn necklace 

Hey hey lovelies! 
So I have some free time! Golly I have no idea what to do with it!
So the last two months have been non stop for me with all my work.
However now my intern at Topshop HQ has came to an end!! :( boo to that!
I now actually have a little break before I enter a new and exciting opportunity.
My time at Topshop HQ was, as always, completely enjoyable and worth while.
I always enjoy gaining experience working there, being a huge fan of the brand and passionate and enthusiastic about it so much so that I always know what the brand is up to/who it's collaborating with next... so to actually be apart of that always gets my heart racing.
I am a little sad that journey and experience has had it's time, but I am excited about the next. 
After this week off (ish... still working part time to pay the bills, and fund the shopping addict) I am starting a new role interning with a PR agency, just around the corner from the Topshop HQ, where I will be getting involved with all the online media, so blogging, social media etc..... practice might do me good!! :)

Anyway hopefully that means this week I will be a little better with posting... I'm hoping to get my creative flair on and potentially DRAW and get making some more bracelets and things, so long as I don't get carried away socializing that is! :)

Until next time my loves!


23 July 2012


Couldn't let the weekend go by without sharing this new find with you sugars!
This is the work of Rima Hyena. Dark yet romantic, beautiful jewellry, this is a Nostalgic Feather dream.... in fact believe it or not only the other night I went to bed dozing off to the thought of my desire to find a vintage horn/tusk necklace, I imagined my perfect choice in my head to look old and beaten, on a chunky silver/rusty feel chain.
Is it coincidence I then came across Rima Hyena ??

I'm queasy over this new admiration. The most epic fur, chains, antlers, feathers, horns, crystal orientated jewellry and headdresses I have came across in a while, this is a howlin' wolves paradise. 

Let me know your thoughts....

Hope you have all been enjoying your weekends and spreading the sunshine smiles!!

Until next time...


05 July 2012

Topshop Edited...

Hey lovelies, I am desperately trying to manage regular posts as often as I can in between working the office hours at Topshop head office and a part time bar job... not a single day off but I'm pushing myself to still make the time here.
I thought this might be a nice little post for anyone who has not been able to see the Topshop guest Edited space yet, especially those that live too far away to visit Topshop flagship store.
As ever the photo's are only taken on my loyal iPhone camera so not the best but I will attach a link to Topshops blog, were you can find more professional imagery and information.
The beautiful and talented Laura Bailey has edited her favorite pieces for the store and they are now displayed in store and can also be bought online.
The floor space has been refreshingly merchandised to fit the very British, yet simple and sophisticated style of that of Laura's pieces.  
It has a very fresh feel to it, with props such as travelling books, old, worn suitcases and even a cute old tennis racket, the collection sits perfectly cute and Ohhhh as if I wasn't desperate to go away on holiday enough!! ;)

You can check out what the online/E-commerce Topshop team have captured on this topic, including an interview with the beaut herself and also a TOP playlist! :)
Click here.

Till next time!