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25 August 2012

...She Loves Bob Dylan and wears feathers in her hair...

So here it is, that special special package I was waiting the whole of ONE day for!
Frankie at The Native State is far too efficient with her work, especially when she is currently enjoying her holibobs and still puts her customers first.

If you have yet to hear of The Native State then it is my complete honor to introduce to you.
Frankie is a lovely, kindhearted gal who is the Owner and creator of The Native State, who lucky for me, has my kind of style/taste/beliefs and attitude down to a t'!
All the brands I love from around the world, she appreciates as much as I do and ships them in for us here at the UK to be able to get a hold of. 

I have loved the work of Bryon Bay sisters and free spirited beauties Elizabeth and Isabella (Lizzy and Spelly) for years (as you can see from my blog) the two talented sisters are owners and creators of the amazingly crafted brand Spell & the Gypsy

This amazing hand crafted bull head ring has been top of my wish list since spelly crafted the stunner! Which has been a VERY painful journey but he is now in my possessions.
He has been popping up everywhere on my favorite girls, killing me with impeccable imagery  and styling from the likes of - Ashley Glorioso,  Zoey Grossman,
Natalia Horinkova... ok I could go on but basically ALL of my favorite stylists, photographers, bloggers, models etc.

Both Spell and the Gypsy and Frankie put a much appreciated care and attention into their products and their packaging, it's the little touches that matter to me and this amount of thought and care makes me love these guys even more!

Absolute Friday Love to ya'll out there!!