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27 June 2013

A Gypsy Soul | A First Insight To My Jewellery Designs...

Here it is! 
My first official showing of my jewellery designs that I've been working on in the months of 
May & June pre flying out to Los Angeles and working with my favorite designer
 Vanessa Mooney 
as her design assistant.

A second part will be updated soon so keep posted.

Photography | Hannah Mcgee

(Metal rings not made by me!)


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26 June 2013

California Dreaming...

 Finally got to meet my friend Christine of The Gypsy Hunter in person

 Getting my first tatt by my favorite artist Woo at Shamrock Social Club 

Inside the Vanessa Mooney studio

Hey Ya'll! Just arrived back from two weeks in CALIFORNIA and thought I'd get straight to my neglected blog and update you on what's really been going on in me life.
So I was invited out to LA to interview and trail with my favorite jewellery designer
(which is a dream!(
I have been designing and making jewellery but keeping it very close to my heart. Vanessa was one of the first to see my work and luckily she was very complimentary about it.
So she threw me straight into designing for her and her line.
Couldn't quite believe it but Vanessa loved every piece I made and felt each piece fitted perfectly with her new collection she is currently working on.
For me this is an amazing achievement and a dream come true to my career and life goals.

She offered me the position as her design assistant so now you all have to keep your fingers crossed for me on the visa front!

So now I have shown the most important person my jewellery you guys are next!
So keep pealed, I am going to blog in about two parts showing my jewellery as stills and styled in fashion. Styled and worn by myself. 

Currently suffering from horrendous jetlag so apologies for this lazy post with mistakes and unedited images!



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