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30 September 2013

We Are 'Spellbound' Over Waiste...

Hold on while I just dust all the cobwebs off this blog!
So this blog gets nothing but neglect from me but here it is still, believing in me.
I'm sorry there has been no further update on here for months on my jewellery, but here is one now!!

I was stoked to be apart of this lookbook by Waiste 
Introducing a new, revamp of their brand/website and there super exciting new vintage range!
Go check it out for some serious to die for WAISTE VINTAGE
I was invited by the lovely sara - owner of waiste to include NF jewellery into this magical shoot.

Thank ya'll for your patience and perseverance.
For those interested in our jewellery.
I do promise bits will be online VERY soon!

Please stay with me & I will love you all forevers!

Art Direction & Clothing: Sara Thomas | Photography: Maximilian Hetherington
Stylist: Helena Lester-Card | Model: Emelie Stenman
Selected Jewellery: Yours truly 


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