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19 November 2013

Living in a bohemian dream, WAISTE POP UP STORE...

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Here is a little insight into what Sara created for her one day pop up store that she kindly invited me to be apart of!
Sara and I spoke a lot about this day and prior and I knew she wanted to create a perfect bohemian dream but nothing quite prepared me for how amazing it was actually going to be.
Sara has a great eye and what she produced out of a HUGE empty white space was an absolute dream!
I pitched up on a table at the front entrance a little nervous due to this being the first time a large amount of people would see my designs and this included a lot of bloggers and other cool creative peeps.
I opted on drinking the bacardi + ginger ale punch we had going! We had a generous amount!
But the feedback was great! I was overwhelmed

If you didn't make it, you kinda suk! but I have no doubt Sara and I will be planning something bigger and better for our next pop up so keep posted!

I'm also planning a shoot soon to LAUNCH my jewellery so be ready!


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