"A feeling of appreciation for the past or something related to the past. It does not necessarily include a longing or yearning to return to the past, but instead simply an appreciation for it"
A travelled feather blowing in the wind. Growing and experiencing life and appreciating all...

19 November 2014

Welcome To The Inside Of Nostalgic Feather...

Videographer: Elliot Davies
Interview by Leslie Kimona

Leslie and I met at fashion scout and after taking a look at my jewellery asked if I would let her interview me for her blog. I said yes before she sprung the news on me "I'll check when my videographer is available". As the worlds most camera shy/awkward human in the world I started thinking this was going to be pretty uneasy for you guys to watch!
Non the less I wanted to share my story with you all and let you in on a more personal level, who I am, where NF came from and what I talk like... a weird cocktail of accents I am led to believe!

Anyway this is what we got. Welcome to the inside of NF. 



02 November 2014

Baby And Her Fox...

 Photography: Asher Moss

Melodi Meadows & Asher Moss

We are so excited to share with you these stunning images of muse and complete creative type Melodi Meadows (@babynative) in Nostalgic Feather jewellery. Images of course taken by her fox Asher Moss (@basementfox) We have been in awe of this incredible creative couple for long enough and we are honored that Nostalgic Feather allows to constantly connect with some of the coolest and creative people.

Melodi Wears: NF Abbey Handpiece | Beneath Exposure Necklace | Dreamcatcher Necklace | Between Dreams Necklace

07 October 2014

A Dreamers Dream | NEW LOOKBOOK...

Photography: Diane Sagnier
Model: <3 Natalie Phillips
Hair/MU: Lulu Fullagar
Jewellery & Styling: Yours-truly

A Dreamer's Dream - 
This collection is for all you feathers who do dream. You have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true. A dream is planting a seed and if you didn't have the capability, your mind would not have planted the seed in the first place.
The only limitation is your own imagination.
You believe you can and you will.
So breath. Open your eyes to see into the depths of this earth.
Feel it. 
Live your dream, dreamer...

See vision when the world is blind. Be an extreme worldly lover and explorer.
Never let those dreams go.
Fulfill them. 
Embark on new adventures -
Cherish the old, stay obsessed with nostalgia.

Find your own nostalgic feelings and dreams in this collection.
Whether you connect with a 'Wildheart', 'Awaken My Soul' or 'Infectious Spirit' it is sure to never leave the beat of your pulse.

Go Dream Free-spirit Feather