"A feeling of appreciation for the past or something related to the past. It does not necessarily include a longing or yearning to return to the past, but instead simply an appreciation for it"
A travelled feather blowing in the wind. Growing and experiencing life and appreciating all...

20 January 2014

Nostalgic Feather | A Gypsy Soul LOOKBOOK 2014

Photography | Hannah Mcgee
Jewellery | Nostalgic Feather

I am so over excited to finally share this lookbook and short film with you all!
And to finally launch Nostalgic Feather
Product is now available online, though stock is very limited. I will be adding more pieces gradually so keep a close eye!

All feedback is welcome! Remember this is only the start of the journey and I am learning as I go, so all comments are welcome.

I hope you've enjoyed the lookbook. Be sure to check out Hannah Mcgee, she's an incredible young talent!



Look back at nostalgic memories and drive that nostalgia into new adventure.
A wanderlust, appreciating her memories and keeping those as treasure. Picking up those treasures through her life and always breathing in that nostalgia, going forward with it always.

Collect that nostalgia. Keep it safe


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