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30 June 2014

I Honestly Think...

Feature: IHT
Model: Ana Silva | Photography: Emma-Jane Lewis | Stylist: Megan Moore

Nostalgic Feather Jewellery featured in new Online fashion magazine 'I honestly think' 
The teamed layered our jewellery with 4 different styles of how to wear a kimono.

Includes: Abbey Handpiece | Beneath Exposure Necklace | Dreamer Bracelet
That Gypsy Soul Rock Bracelet | The Dreamcatcher Necklace | Wildfire Necklace




11 June 2014

Freepeople Shoot...

Image overload!
You may have already see the freepeople Fpme London shoot over on the Freepeople blog, or possibly one of the other bloggers that joined me that day!
But well, doesn't every one need to share this!?

So if you don't already know, then I was invited alongside 10 other babes, a cute cluster of bloggers, stylists, journalists, and then meh to the Freepeople LONDON showroom, where we would style up 3 outfits whilst being shot, you might not know this but I am completely camera shy/awkward! So the lovely Diane Sagnier had a bit of a job trying to get me to move about for the camera. Luckily she was such a cool kid I was a tad comfortable to the norm!

You may already know I am a huge fan of Freepeople and dream of my jewellery being stocked there one day in the near future so this was a dream come true. I took along with me of course some NF jewellery and all the bloggers started picking up the pieces to style up with their looks, assuming it was Freepeople jewellery. HUGE compliment. Seeing Nostalgic Feather styled up in freepeople and posted by freepeople on their blog and other social media platforms is such an achievement for me.

My good friends Sara & Giselle were there too, we had a pretty rad time together!
All Nostalgic Feather pieces shot are available online!