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22 October 2011

Love and desire...

You all probably already know my love for Planet Blue, and to be honest I find it hard to express how much I do really love everything about them and how inspiring they are to me. I'm eager to get out over sea's and work with them one day. I love the whole relaxed, bohemian, free spirited style. Totally me. And Ashley Glorioso does an amazing job as their stylist in portraying who Planet Blue are as a brand and showing their products in a flawless way. 
Check Ashley out here if you haven't already coz, if your anything like me with style you will LOVE her! She rocks!
Their products never fail to delight and meet their target markets expectations. Their Lookbooks are beyond incredible... So here is whats on my wish list for October...
Loves xx  

Whitney Eve
Jacquard hooded poncho


Vanessa Mooney
Lorelei bracelet

Vanessa Mooney
Moon sheild bracelet

Rose dress


Also coming soon will be a post from my friends wedding at the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District Cumbria . Where I was a happy and mighty proud bridesmaid at the weekend.
So keep posted :)


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