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10 June 2012

A little Project...

I don't often (if ever) post any of my work on my blog,
when I complete my portfolio and feel content with it I will post it here.
For now I thought I'd share with you a little project I completed in my print lesson,
I thought it might be nice, for a change, and to see what the feedback is.
So this project was based around the band Joy Division. If any of you have not seen 'control' or any of the documentary's regarding the band and the tragic story behind their success, then I recommend you do so.
I will just give a brief explanation, basically we had to look into the band and produce a 'piece' inspired by the story or any other connection to the band, whether this be Manchester, or events at the time, it was pretty vague and we had a lot of freedom to go which ever way we wanted really, and the 'final piece' was up to us, it just had to involve the print techniques.
So I decided to create a canvas. I wanted to create a piece that gave an emotion. 
I blew up images of various industrial factories around Manchester in the 70's
and started off sketching them out in charcoal.
I then exposed these images onto screens and pulled acrylic paint through.
As a final touch I hand painted parts and sketched some parts with charcoal.
Let me know what you think. 
The canvas is quite large and in still shots don't quite live up to how it looks in life.

Some charcoal sketches

 One of my print screens

Final piece

Have a great weekend!


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