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03 September 2012

Hidden Gems...

New bedroom feature!

Not the most exciting post but given I took these pictures and having been told to "keep posting" I thought I might as well share this 'outing' post with you.
So... I've been wanting to snoop around Brick Lane, London for too long now, the main reason I've been itching to go was actually after I was informed I'd be able to purchase some antlers/potentially rams head as I am massively craving for room deco to hang a few of my treasured jewels.

Anyway now I have my sibling down London with me we pondered around there and Spitalfields, having a gander at the markets/vintage clothing and also AMAZING dogs! ( there was some kind of dog show on at Spitalfields!?) My antlers/rams head where nowhere to be found but I did pick me up this lovely cuff and this awesome tee!!

If any of you do know of where I can get my hands on some then post post post!!





  1. I absolutely love your blog.. I have just spent the past few minutes looking at your posts and you have me wanting to go out and buy some new jewellery straight away.

    I have also discovered Spell and the gypsy thanks to your blog.. so if my next pay cheque goes straight there I will blame you haha..


  2. Hi Katie!

    Wow thank you for such a gorgeous comment!
    I'm terrible at keeping regularity in my posts but it's comments like this that keep me doing it, so thank you, I really appreciate your words.

    I'm sorry but Spell designs kill once you start adding to your wardrobe you won't be able to stop! .... be warned ;)

    Lots of love x