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14 January 2013

More than just a jewel...

For anyone who knows me, or follows me and my blog, will know that accessories are my tequila to my lemon.
My favorite quality that I look for in jewellery is it's story, does it feel more than a thoughtlessly put together piece, does it have a story to tell. When I stumbled upon  Gypsy Hunter I was overwhelmed with pleasure! 
The pieces are antiques and don't they just feel it. 
I don't overly like mass produced jewellery that, yeah looks nice but has nothing more to it. Don't get me wrong I will still buy into those odd pieces but this is more my style.

Christine Mayrina is the beauty behind Gypsy Hunter. Based in LA, she was always (like me) collecting treasury finds then one day she set off on a mission, she travels around on a treasure hunt seeking out these beautiful pieces from all around the US. I for one plan on visiting her markets as soon as I get to explore the States.

If you are as much in love with this metal as I am then make sure you head over to her site - Gypsy Hunter
and definitely check her out on Instagram too! 

Bad'ass metal clash!

Much Love...

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  1. sarah, your obsession with jewellery is growing! If you ever start making your own you must tell me, I'm starting to get into the vintage styled rings myself which have stories and hidden, treasured secrets!

    I've just finished a cute photography post, feel free to look :)

    charlotte xo

  2. Ahh Thanks Charlotte, really appreciate this comment.
    Well I don't know if you know but I am working on just that... I want to start my own accessories brand this year. Really excited.

    I will for sure have a look

    Thanks lovely xx

  3. I agree getting jewellery for jewellery's sake can land you with a nice piece but it does often feel a bit impersonal. Almost everyone will have those bits of jewellery that hold a special place in their hearts just because it has a story for them. These pieces may not be the most expensive or even that great but due to how the the person feels about them they take on something that makes them more than just a design.

  4. I love jewellery and a lot of Gypsy Hunter's pieces :)