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08 March 2013

Our Own Deep Forest...

Fringe Jacket: Topshop | Black Skinnies: Topshop| Belt: Urban Outfitters | Cross Necklace: Fashionology | Quartz Necklace: Made by Meh
Photography: Hannah Mcgee

'She is everywhere yet remains unseen.'

Here is the second part of the shoot me and photographer Hannah Mcgee worked on, some of you may have seen the first post here.
I love how she's captured exactly all I could have hoped for in these images.
Particularly the last image, this is definitely my favorite from the whole shoot. 
Hannah and me have more shoots in the pipeline and I am definitely looking forward to working together again.

Let me know what you think?


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  1. These photos are amazing - you look so stunning and perfect amongst the scenery. This is kind of what I'm trying to do in my new blog, would love if you could take a look:



    1. Sasha! Such a lovely comment thank you so much! I'm always eager to hear peoples feedback on my posts so I really appreciate this.
      I've just quickly checked your blog out, will look properly when I have more time. Looks fun and uplifting though... and you look great! Keep it up xx NF