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20 March 2013

The Circle Game...

The 2 Bandits Lookbook
Photographer: Zoey Grossman | Stylist: Ashley Glorioso 
 Model: Teresa Oman | HMUA: Stacey Tan

Already a huge buzz going on via social media platforms over this amazing, new Lookbook for jewellery brand The 2 Bandits.
I feel pretty biased given how much of a fan I already am for not only the brand but also Zoey & Ash who I've been admiring (Individually as well as a rockin' team) for years now. But evidently I am not alone in relishing this shoot.

What a combination of talents!


∆ ∆ ∆


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  1. Beautiful lookbook! I haven't heard of this company but I will definetly look them up now. I love discovering new designers.