"A feeling of appreciation for the past or something related to the past. It does not necessarily include a longing or yearning to return to the past, but instead simply an appreciation for it"
A travelled feather blowing in the wind. Growing and experiencing life and appreciating all...

19 November 2014

Welcome To The Inside Of Nostalgic Feather...

Videographer: Elliot Davies
Interview by Leslie Kimona

Leslie and I met at fashion scout and after taking a look at my jewellery asked if I would let her interview me for her blog. I said yes before she sprung the news on me "I'll check when my videographer is available". As the worlds most camera shy/awkward human in the world I started thinking this was going to be pretty uneasy for you guys to watch!
Non the less I wanted to share my story with you all and let you in on a more personal level, who I am, where NF came from and what I talk like... a weird cocktail of accents I am led to believe!

Anyway this is what we got. Welcome to the inside of NF. 




  1. such a beautiful video ! nice to more about NF and you, very inspiring ♥