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Hey Guys! I often get asked how I make stacking jewellery look so easy and effortless so I thought I'd start sharing some tips and advice with you all. Today I'm going to start with layering necklaces.
Firstly I will say, my biggest advise to you is don't necessarily follow the rules! Since I started my jewellery brand this has always been my motto, follow your own style. Your jewellery and style is so unique to you, you want to show that off.
With that being said I think layering necklaces in particular can take a little playing around with as sometimes it might just not work, but again go with your own flow.
The basics to layering necklaces is length and space. Start with your shortest necklace/choker. I always make this one something dainty with the smallest pendants.  You might want to only layer with two - three necklaces but don't be shy to go lots more. Your second necklace is going to ideally be around 18 - 20 inches in length, though I do often layer with shorter ones …

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