Paradise Island

Bali Collection

Island paradise, a place of peace and mindfulness. 

Practising gratitude on a daily basis. Appreciating the present.

From tropical forests to turquoise waters to ancient temples.

Hand carved woodworks, rich golden doors and pillars. 

The most colourful ceremonies

Inspired by the Balinese culture which is more heritage and craft-oriented. This collection features macrame knots, beads, fresh water pearls and shells.

Bali creates a unique impression that will leave you in a state of serenity and peacefulness long after you’ve left.


Photographer: Jessica Emovon
Model: Becci Melville
Designer and Stylist: Sarah Gouge

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There are certainly sides to Bali that are not as beautiful as you may only see on Instagram. 
The pollution, poverty, animal welfare, lack of clean water, to mention a few. 
This is an important side to see.
With this in mind I have decided to donate 1% of all takings from this collection to Greeneration.
A foundation working towards greener behaviours and better environmental practises within Indonesia. 

NF xxx


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